After testing this system with both our supplier and inhouse technical team, Macaw are now confident in its application and have installed the system into one of our client venues with further installations lined up. This solution will allow Macaw to support our clients as they plan their return to work and assist towards providing a safer working environment when buildings begin to be re-occupied.

We must make it clear that this is NOT a Covid-19 or Fever detection system. Its application is to be used to assist companies in conforming to the Governments Social Distancing Guidelines when business’s begin to re-occupy their premises, by removing the need for an individual to be in close proximity to measure a person’s body temperature with a hand held device. This also significantly reduces the time and money taken to manually scan every person when entering a workplace as the system is capable of scanning up to 30 people per second and be accurate to within 0.3°

An elevated temperature is a common symptom of COVID-19 but It must be noted that an elevated body temperature alone does not mean an individual has Covid-19 or any other infection. This system should be used as part of a process for potentially mitigating the risk of an infection entering a workplace. A cleary defined policy and procedure must be laid out on what steps should be taken should an individuals temperature read high and what further confirmation would be needed in order to make an informed decision if the individual would be granted access to the site. As with all safety & security system this will not guarantee that an infection will not enter the work place but will assist in reducing the probability if used correctly.

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