In this age of superior technological advancements, there is an unprecedented call for businesses and individuals to claim responsibility and take ownership of the impact we have on the environment. There is much emphasis placed on the ways we can increase sustainability, with a great deal of attention given to our methods of energy production and consumption. The benefits of moving to renewable energy sources are undeniable, from both perspectives of sustainability and reducing carbon emission.

Solar power is an ever growing solution to supplying sustainable energy. Our Solar Powered CCTV towers wear the Made in Britain stamp and are equipped with specialist solar panels. This ensures energy efficiency and round the clock protection, come rain or shine.

How Do Our Solar Powered CCTV Towers work?

Our semi-permanent Solar Powered CCTV towers have two main components, the infrared HD CCTV camera and a solar panel. The panel captures the sun’s light energy and converts this into power. This power is stored in the CCTV’s battery; in essence it acts as an inbuilt recharging system which needs no electrical input.

What Are The Benefits of Using Solar Powered CCTV Towers?

Apart from the undeniable protection Solar Powered CCTV towers offer, here are a few in depth reasons why you may consider employing them to enhance your security measures:

–        HD CCTV cameras with 360 vision and 36x zoom.

Protect your site with high definition cameras offering 360 degree vision and 36x zoom.

–        Provides uninterrupted 24/7 protection.

Solar Powered CCTV towers operate on a self-sufficient, independent system. This ensures the highest level of security even in the event of a power failure.

–        Wireless.

Have complete freedom when it comes to placement. Being independent of electrical cables, solar powered CCTV cameras provide a brilliant security solution for remote areas. With strategic placement, two towers can provide optimal surveillance coverage of areas up to 10,000m2.

–        Simple setup.

Installing solar powered CCTV cameras is a very straightforward process as they do not require wiring knowledge and are not reliant on an electrical supply. They can be easily introduced or reduced in accordance with site requirements.

–        Eco-friendly and reduces costs.

Semi-permanent Solar Powered CCTV towers are an affordable means to help overcome potential threats. By being self-sufficient and operating independently of a power supply,  it helps to keep your energy costs down, thus reducing your electrical expenses.

How Macaw Security Solutions can help you…

Providing security solutions which give you peace of mind is our utmost priority. If you are concerned about the safety of your property (private or commercial) our expert team will be happy to assess your site. We offer same day installation across all our range of CCTV cameras. We allow a 7 day soak test period in which our engineers will make any required adjustments. Click here and book a security survey.

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