The Macaw Security Solutions OVERWATCH system has been developed in order to provide all-in-one site security for temporary sites.

Our Rapid-deployment OVERWATCH System is specifically designed to provide all-in-one site security for temporary sites such as:


The solar towers are carbon neutral and help toward your organisation reducing your carbon footprint.

Overwatch Overview

  • PTZ CCTV camera x1
  • Wireless PIR detector for intruder detection x 4
  • Public address loudspeaker system for live audio challenge to intruders
  • Remote communications by 3G/ 4G mobile network
  • Rechargeable battery system, with solar top-up
  • IVY Alarm Hub supervisory system
  • Optional remote viewing
  • 5 days retention period of footage
  • Police URN
  • Live HD video footage
  • RSI Videofied Cameras x 4
  • RSI Siren x1

Rapid-deployment CCTV Towers

They provide a visible deterrent, helping to prevent trespass onto your sites before they occur and as truly rapid-deployment solutions they can be installed and operational in a matter of minutes. Our CCTV Tower can be stand-alone or networked to multiple CCTV towers to give a full layer of site protection. This robust mobile CCTV solution can be easily installed in any location, no matter how remote or challenging, and can be moved, added to or reduced in capacity according to the dynamics of a site.

Example setup

Our interconnected commercial security layers proactively identify and stamp out your security threats

We adopt a comprehensive multilayered security strategy that acts as the ultimate deterrence for securing your business, giving you not only a 360 ̊ defence but the peace of mind knowing security personnel are ready to take action/intervene in the unlikely event of a breach.

Using our elite principles of defence in depth allows us to have the continuous visibility needed to eliminate blind spots and build a holistic security system starting from the inner levels, outwards. If there is a breach in one layer, it will have to tackle further layers to fully compromise your businesses security.

Layered security services (The Macaw Approach)


We visit your property to help us understand your security needs so we can design your appropriate safety solution.

Our accredited team can install and maintain:

  • High security external & internal doors which can create a safe room
  • HD CCTV, thermal and remote wireless cameras
  • High Tech Wireless Intruder Alarm, controlled from a Smartphone App
  • Access control (PINs, fingerprint tech etc.) so only invited guests can enter


  • The Texecom Intruder Alarm System Macaw install use motion sensors to detect intruders before they enter and will instantly alert our 24/7 alarm response centre
  • Live 360 CCTV footage is streamed to our EMCS Monitoring Station, the UK’s only truly independent alarm receiving centre that is always open
  • Suspicious activity will result in immediate action from our dedicated team
  • The intruder alarm and CCTV can be integrated into a Smartphone App so you can interact with and control the settings whether you’re on-site or away


In the unlikely event of a breach:

  • 24/7, 365 days a year immediate response from the security team
  • SIA accredited professionals attend your home
  • We will instantly inform the police of any criminal activity
  • Support from K9 Unit if also deployed upon the property grounds
  • An intruder will be told by an audio announcement that trained dogs are being deployed immediately

RSI Videofield Cameras

As part of our layered security approach and to provide comprehensive site coverage we recommend combining our RSI Videofield Cameras alongside the rapid deployment CCTV Towers.

RSI Wireless Camera Systems are wire-free intruder alarm systems with integrated video verification which on activation, records and transmits a 10 seconds video alarm clip to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).