Property Owners/Managers

Helping you secure and protect your vacant property.

Property Owners / Managers 

When it comes to domestic protection, Macaw provides specialist home security and has the experience and expertise to provide a full design, installation, maintenance and monitoring packages. Our guaranteed security layer system brings us closer to the individual for maximum effectiveness, eliminating your security threats.

Our ongoing 24/7 support means we are always there when you need us, ready to respond. Our comprehensive service includes the Gold Partner of Texecom intruder alarm that protects millions of people and properties around the world and HD CCTV technology to ensure we are one step ahead of intruders.

These systems include: Monitoring CCTV Technology, Intruder Alarm Systems Access Control, Keyholding Response, EMCS & Barriers/Blocks.

Prop­er­ty and facil­i­ty management

Industrial warehouses, sheds and lock & key storage facilities are often vulnerable to break ins. Fast response times to these often carefully orchestrated attacks is vital to keeping your unit secure. We offer end to end solutions to ensure the buildings are protected and consequently allowed to be put back on the market while complying with insurance requirements.

Our vast array of security systems provide your company with the complete 360 ̊ visibility of your property. MACAW’s team of in-house security risk assessors provide a free security consultation allowing us to assess your business requirements and provide you a range of tailored options.

These systems include: Monitoring CCTV Technology, Intruder Alarm Systems Access Control, Keyholding Response, Royal Marine Patrol, K9 Dog Units, EMCS & Barriers/Blocks.

Com­mer­cial and res­i­den­tial let­ting agencies

One of our greatest security solution packages applies to estate agents, as we help them maintain the value of their com­mer­cial and res­i­den­tial properties.

We will eradicate any potential security threats that may affect your commercial or residential properties and establish such as market ready in a notably quick manner. Our customer focused solutions will help to keep your property free of squatters, trespassers or vandals via measures such as alarm systems, secure doors and locks made out of steel, and a patrol team keeping guard of your property. Not only do we offer security solutions but we also undertake risk assessments whereby we man­age util­i­ty shut­downs and pro­vide cleaning services, before the prop­er­ty goes back on the market.

Res­i­den­tial repossessions

Macaw additionally helps you to establish your property as vacant. Supported by some of the financial world’s leading banks and building societies as part of our clientele, we understand just how important it is to offer a cost effective and end to end solution to the repossession of your property.

We do this by organising the services that need to occur for the repossession to take place, after this is completed we will prepare and set up the repossessed property to be added back onto the market. Macaw is able to provide an inclusive package consisting of door locks, steel secure doors, letterbox sealings, perimeter fencing, and steel security fittings where necessary.


“MACAW Security Solutions security layering approach is ideal for protecting the construction sites of the modern day Property Developers”

Construction sites are easy targets for the opportunist thief; the high value of plant and equipment can lead to quick and easy profit for the successful thief. We incorporate a range of cost-effective services that keeps personnel, materials and equipment on construction sites safe from onsite theft and vandalism, minimising damage and financial implications for all Property Developers and hindering the program of works.

As developments progress and high-value items are installed, MACAW Security Solutions often respond to this enhanced risk by proportionately upgrading security layering whilst maintaining the kerb-appeal of the property.

The contractor work is not hindered by MACAW’s security and the technology we utilise offers management information regarding time of arrival & departure and automatic rearming of alarms at a set time at the end of the working day to make sure all alarm systems work when & if needed.

Pri­vate individuals

At Macaw we have a number of security solutions to contribute towards the protection of your asset as soon as it becomes vacant. Solutions include alarm systems and steel fittings just to name a few.

Our cost effective solutions protect your property from risks of vandalism, theft and damage which reduces the risk of your property decreasing in value. Another service we offer to vacant and let properties is  clearance and maintenance.

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