Vacant Property Security

Your property, our duty to look after it.

We comply with your insurance requirements. 

Macaw is a trusted resource within the Financial Services Sector, working with insurers, independent financial advisers, insolvency practitioners, brokers, investment and commercial bankers and more.

Our extensive experience provides risk-mitigating solutions and securing vacant properties, helping to ensure the right cover is in force to policyholders, and at the right price.

We are the pre­ferred sup­pli­er to a num­ber of UK insurers, help­ing to ensure their pol­i­cy­hold­ers have the right level of security available and at the most appropriate price.

In our current society, vacant properties are vulnerable to criminal activity as well as vandalism. Part of what we do at Macaw is support property managers with detailed risk assessments to highlight and manage the additional risk implications that their property can be affected by.

Policyholders referred to Macaw are presented with a solu­tion that meets all their insur­ance require­ments and reduces the risks identified, which in turn may reduce premiums.

Macaw provides a range of solutions to support vacant properties that are in administration or receivership.

This is carried out by undertaking a full security risk assessment that highlights the areas that require attention,  offering tailor-made solutions that fully comply with your insurers’ code of practice.

We offer a range of accredited services and solutions that manage and protect vacant properties that are in receivership and administration. We do this through a quick and efficient response to customers who need a rapid turnaround time in order to carry out processes such as changing the door locks among others.

At Macaw we also know some clients may require solutions tailored specific to their needs, which is why we offer services such as perimeter fencing amongst others. This makes the service direct between us and you without the need for multiple suppliers.

Our tailored pricing allows you to comply with security or insurance requirements and remain cost-effective.

Macaw can help you main­tain your property’s val­ue, by ensuring it is:

  • Safe from van­dal­ism and squatters
  • Secure from theft act and trespassers
  • Protected of criminal damage as well natural elements (fire, water, etc)
  • Protected from fly-tippers
  • Pre­sentable condition and operative, ready for re-occupancy

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