Dry Risers & Fire Hydrants

At Macaw Security Solutions, we offer expertises on dry risers and fire hydrants.

We are fully committed to providing you with the utmost fire safety services. Our team of experts know how to professionally cater for and respond to your building’s requirements whilst being able to assist in the event of a fire hazard.

Introducing dry risers and fire hydrants to your building is an effective solution should a fire hazard occur. At Macaw Security Solutions, our specialists can assist in the assessment, installation and maintenance of dry riser and fire hydrant systems.

Our fully certified, extensively trained, and experienced team will offer a service in line with the BS 9990. This legislation calls for dry risers and fire hydrants to be installed and tested to an industry standard.

Our approach to fire compliance is to deliver a complete fire safety solution saving you time and money, protecting your peace of mind.

Our range of products include:

Dry Riser Testing

Your safety matters. It is vital that once a system has been installed, maintenance checks are carried out annually whilst visual inspections are conducted bi-annually. This is fundamental to keeping the building safe as it helps to identify potential faults before they become a problem. We look the possible dangers of vandalism, theft, blockages within the system and air valve failure.

Dry Riser Repairs

Trust in Macaw Security Solutions, we will be of assistance 24/7. Whether you are looking to upgrade your dry riser system or need to report some damage, our faithful team will be ready to support your needs.

Fire Hydrant Testing

Fire hydrants help Fire Brigades regain control in the event of a fire by supplying their hoses with water.

If the hydrant is situated on private property, it is the owner, occupier or site operator’s responsibility that it is inspected and tested annually. Our fire experts can provide comprehensive testing and documentation should you need assistance with fire hydrant maintenance.

Fire Safety Signage

Our signs are created to comply with the latest regulatory requirements. Designed with simplicity and durability in mind, signage is an easy, dependable way to ensure people have access to the correct fire prevention equipment.