Security Layers

Where most security solutions implement diverse positions within different security layers to try and solve the problem. Our approach interconnects these layers to proactively identify and stamp out your security threats.

Here at MACAW Security Solutions we have developed a comprehensive multilayered security strategy that acts as the ultimate deterrence.


The inward-out approach to our security strategy allows our clients to have peace of mind at all times. MACAW’s ethos of prevention, detection, response ensures you’re always one step ahead. Our Systems Designer will conduct a dynamic risk assessment of your premises and design the most appropriate, cost effective solution tailored to your business needs and in accordance with your insurance requirements.


Our starting point is to first secure your property, providing and setting up appropriate signage and ensuring that the perimeter is secure and intact.


We support you with innovative technological security and provide you with industry leading HD CCTV Systems, Gold Partner Texecom Intruder Alarm Detection and EMCS Alarm Handlers. These systems are installed by accredited personnel and monitored 24/7 by our dedicated security team, causing minimal disruption to you and your business. The effectiveness of CCTV is increased by Remote Monitoring of your system, maintaining the security of your property.


In the unlikely event of a breach, our 24/7 professional response team as well as specially trained K9 Dog Units, will be on hand to deal with all issues. We aim to prevent criminal behaviour and eradicate any threat.



MACAW Security Solutions use a combination of soak and penetration testing by elite ex Royal Marines to establish and eradicate any potential breaches and weaknesses in our initial security set-up. Doing this solidifies your property’s defences and allows us to identify any blind spots first hand so you don’t have to.

The Soak Test

These tests are designed to test the resilience of the security system we have installed to ensure that it works when it is most required. These tests are carried out on all CCTV and Intruder Alarm systems to eliminate possible performance errors occurring providing peace of mind that when the system is handed over to the client, it’s fully operational and compliant.

The Penetration Test

Conducted exclusively by elite ex Royal Marines, the test is designed to identify and eliminate potential blind spots. Each security layer is tested during this process to judge their effectiveness in deterring and responding to security threats on your property. Security and application vulnerabilities discovered during penetration tests are reported to you via Penetration Test Reports. These reports provide clear-cut assessments of application code and how the discovered vulnerabilities might impact your business. Recommendations regarding how to deploy countermeasures that eliminate the risks uncovered are also provided.

MACAW’s Maintenance

Ongoing dynamic assessments are scheduled at your convenience and are essential to ensure that all aspects of your security works efficiently when needed. MACAW provides additional security layer upgrade and installation packages, helping you feel more at ease and further preventing the risk of intrusion.

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