Construction Site Security

Macaw offers a range of cost-effective solutions that keep sites safe from vandalism and theft.


Traditional fixed CCTV systems are inadequate in the continuously changing environment of construction sites, with lacking core services (power, communications, lighting ). Temporary fences and security huts also only offer limited effectiveness.

Con­struc­tion sites hold important value in terms of equipment, machinery and overall construction value. Which is why we provide measures such as robust fencing to deter vandalism, whether through pow­er, light­ing or com­mu­ni­ca­tions measures, our monitored CCTV sys­tems, security personnel and dog guarding services, are just a few examples of how Macaw ensures your on-site security.

Macaw utilises the latest technology and offers a range of integrated solutions to secure your site, which includes:

Remote Monitored RSI Wireless Cameras Systems 

At MACAW we use the latest market-leading technology to proactively meet our inward-outward security approach.

Most outdoor sites are uncontrolled environments; Our RSI Wireless Camera video verification systems proves vital in eliminating costly false alarms and detecting potential threats for industrial, commercial and residential sites.

Using this technology allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to your security. RSI enables both robust, reliable and flexible protection solutions in remote areas where no mains power is available. It can be used as a standalone system, as a cost-effective measure to reduce physical manpower or as an extremely effective additional measure to bolster our layered security ethos.

What are they?

RSI Wireless Camera Systems are wire-free intruder alarm systems with integrated video verification which on activation, records and transmits a 10 seconds video alarm clip to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

The system connects to an ARC via 2G/3G technology. This means wherever there is a mobile phone signal, RSI can operate. Battery life for all devices, including the control panel, is up to 4 years. A variety of control panels are available for single (GPRS) or dual path communication (GPRS/IP) back to the ARC depending on requirement.

K9 Units

For construction sites that require additional protection, we also provide SIA Approved K9 units, which can be set up in different time intervals such as 24 hour guarding, part-time guarding and monitoring and others. All of our solu­tions can be deployed at any given point and main­tained for as long as your devel­op­ment requires the protection. Our uniformed personnel is the most experienced in the market, with decades worth of experience, with the use of K9 units when necessary.

As spe­cial­ists in tem­po­rary and remote construction site secu­ri­ty, we under­stand just how vital it is to deliv­er a cost-effec­tive security solu­tion with­out com­pro­mis­ing on protection and keeping protection an ultimate priority. Hence why we are a leading security solution brand in the market.

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