Fire Safety Training

At Macaw Security Solutions, we offer professional fire safety training options.

At Macaw Security Solutions we recognise your team is your greatest asset. Investing in the development of your team is vital to providing a secure environment. In accordance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is legally mandatory for all UK staff to have undertaken fire safety training.

Our training helps your team understand how to identify potential fire hazards, to minimise risks and gives insight into the industries best practises. It will help your team gain understanding and confidence, equipping them with both knowledge and practical skills. They will learn how to discern the most appropriate actions in the event of a fire, the use of fire extinguishers and the most effect ways to evacuate a building.

With a range of educational fire training courses, our experts will ensure your team meets all the legal obligations. We offer:

Our approach to fire compliance is to deliver a complete fire safety solution saving you time and money, protecting your peace of mind.

General Fire Awareness Training

Suitable for all staff of all levels, this course offers a full or half day introduction to fire safety measures. Your team will gain a comprehensive overview of workplace fire safety.

Fire Warden Training

Appointed Fire Wardens who act as the first line of defence can benefit from this training course as it provides more in-depth knowledge of preventing fires occurring and minimising loss of life. It considers a Fire Wardens responsibility to assimilate information and educate their team regarding equipment, fire exits and evacuation management.

Practical Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguishers provide the most common defence in fire safety management, ensuring your team is equipped with the best practises and knowledge is essential. This training educates your team on the variety of fire extinguishers, their use in specific hazards and how to tackle small fires with good technique.