Public Sector Security

The leading expertise personnel in vacant prop­er­ty secu­ri­ty and ser­vices for the pub­lic sector.

We recognise that in the public sector just like any other sector you require cost-effective solutions. That is why at Macaw we provide a range of security measures and solutions to protect properties sitting both in high-risk and low-risk areas. Some of our solutions among others include alarm installations with regular monitoring as well as additional levels of physical protection.

Macaw work with many clients including government sectors to deliver and implement the best quality solutions to protect vacant facilities from any unwanted/undesired activity. Our clients include local authorities, social housing companies, as well as Government agencies.

Our work also includes supporting through our products and services, properties that are already going through refurbishments such as universities, universities halls of residence and colleges just to name a few. During such, we implement the most appropriate and suitable solutions so that the refurbishment can be completed and finished on schedule, without any further delays from criminal activity.

Other services that we offer include those for office blocks that also have car parks. For such facilities, we incorporate perimeter fencing around the area, concrete barriers and bollards. All done to prevent individuals from entering the restricted site and as a result also reducing the ongoing risk of fly-tipping.

Overall all our services go through a series of risk assessments as well as management of services including shutdown.

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