K9 Security Services

At Macaw Security Solutions, we deploy highly trained K9 units to supplement your security needs.

We understand that applying successful security measures are not one-dimensional and a varied approach is necessary in tackling a range of threats. Part of our layered security approach is our highly trained K9 Dog Response Unit which act as an effective deterrent for unwanted threats.

Our K9 unit coupled with our specialist dog handlers not only provides a visible deterrent but also provides an in-depth insight constantly assessing the protection needs of the site in question.

They can identify and highlight potential shortcomings within the security plan which can then be addressed, fortifying your defence and providing maximum protection of your commercial building sites, buildings and assets.

In addition to conducting regular patrols the K9 Unit will act as a QRF (Quick reaction force) in case of any camera activations, which are relayed live time by EMCS, our 24/7 ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) to the K9 Unit on the ground.

The benefits of choosing our trusted K9 units:


  • Expertly trained to deal with, deter and meet your specific security demands
  • Provide paramount protection by employing their heightened sense of sight and smell coupled with their physical dexterity
  • Act as visual deterrence to outside threats
  • Help to identify shortcomings in site protection needs
  • Perform mobile patrols, guarding perimeters and night watch services
  • Choosing our K9 unit alongside our RSI Camera systems means less staffing is required whilst maintaining the highest level of security

We believe in supplying our clients with the highest level of capability, securing your peace of mind. Therefore our K9 unit is made up of a breed referred to as German Shepherds. This iconic service dog has been used throughout history in times of war and is still used within the police force today. They are well known for their reliability, intelligence, and physical valour. The breed’s versatility is an essential component of their excellent reputation in deterring and apprehending intruders.

If you would like to arrange a free security assessment with one of our security risk assessors and discuss your requirements, please contact us today and we can arrange an appointment.

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