Smoke Ventilation Systems

At Macaw Security Solutions, we offer effective smoke ventilation systems.

The Macaw Security Solutions team have extensive experience in maintaining a range of smoke ventilation systems and this service is often part of our regular maintenance visits. These systems are commonly installed in residential apartment blocks and are either operated manually by a push button or automatically through the activation of a smoke detector.

Macaw Security Solutions supplies equipment from our manufacturers in order to ensure that the system is fully operational at all times. We also stock a variety of replacement parts ranging from smoke vent control panels, fireman override switches, smoke detectors and smoke vent actuators.

Our approach to fire compliance is to deliver a complete fire safety solution saving you time and money, protecting your peace of mind.

Upgrade to an Open Protocol System – many buildings are fitted with closed protocol smoke ventilation equipment, meaning it often is expensive to carry out the required system upgrades. Macaw Security Solutions are able to reduce these costs by using open protocol equipment whilst offering flexibility for the end user.

Car Park Smoke Ventilation Systems – day to day ventilation is required in car parks, loading bays and service yards in order to control the build up of vehicle exhaust fumes. Acceptable air quality is maintained by a system designed to ventilate air which removes exhaust gases and ensures there are no stagnant air pockets. Macaw Security Solutions offers a full service and maintenance package of car park smoke ventilation systems.

Fire Safety Signage – our range of fire safety signs includes smoke vent manual control signs, smoke vent shaft signs, automatic smoke vent signs and much more.