Social Housing Security

A wealth of expe­ri­ence in social housing prop­er­ty secu­ri­ty and services.

The team from Macaw has had the opportunity to work with different bodies in different sectors over the years due to our security service delivery and our increasingly growing presence in the market.

We have worked closely with local government, housing companies, housing associations as well as local authorities. These projects have given us a substantial amount of experience to carry forward in the vacant property sector. That’s why we understand the economic and environmental challenges you face daily.

We are able to provide a vast range of security solutions to both high-risk and low-risk, vacant and occupied properties. Our free consultations with you allow us to further understand what your needs are and what are the most applicable measures to fit into your property while considering the economic and environmental aspects part of the facility. The end-to-end solutions we offer aim to keep the property secure as long as necessary while in the case of a vacant facility, also considering the short/long term situation prior to the property being reoccupied.

In terms of security, we protect all properties; from vulnerable properties in high-risk areas to those less at risk. We do this through our extensive range of security services.

For loca­tions where the risk of a secu­ri­ty breach is high, it is of vital importance that the prop­er­ty remains safe and secure. This is achieved by the quality security measures implemented through our products and services that not only benefit the property owner but also the local community. This is due to the fact that nearby tenants feel safe and protected knowing that strong effective security measures are present. Security measures such as K9 Units, CCTV cameras, Intruder Alarm Systems and patrols just to name a few, are examples of such robust measures.

For those locations that involve a lower risk level, Macaw will aim to secure the prop­er­ty with min­i­mal fencing around the perimeter of the facility. Making this approach considers the sustainability and impact of the material used for the fencing on the building and the aesthetic appeal on the local community.

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