Insurance Approved Security

Macaw pro­vides a range of insur­er approved ser­vices to significantly reduce the risk to your property.

Our security solu­tions deliv­er concentrated insur­ance com­pli­ance while ensur­ing that your prop­er­ty val­ue is retained.

Main­tain Prop­er­ty Value

Our in house client team provides a rapid, responsive and efficient service delivery in order to protect the clients’ assets whether occupied or vacant.

Exper­tise and Resource Management

Our spe­cial­ists under­stand your needs and constantly work towards keeping your peace of mind as a number one priority.  This sets us apart from our competitors as we aim to build a relationship and a trust that is backed up by our excellent products and services when it comes to occupied or vacant property services.

Why chose Macaw:

  • Range of unique security solutions for insurance clients
  • Agreement with insurers vacant property as well as security guidelines
  • Gain infrastructural access throughout the nation via our fast-responding team
  • Improve clients property risk pro­file which could lead to dis­count on insurance pre­mi­ums, reduce excess and upgraded insurance cover
  • Abil­i­ty to man­age Euro­pean projects/ port­fo­lios
  • Vast years of experience and expertise in the security solutions market, putting us on top of any competitor through our products, services, customer/client care and cost-effective solutions.

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