Passive Fire Protection & Firestopping

At Macaw Security Solutions, we offer passive fire protection and firestopping.

Passive Fire Protection and Firestopping

We know the threat of a fire is daunting, to combat this we are offering an additional service vital to any buildings fire safety management: passive fire protection. This focuses the buildings’ structure, looking at inbuilt ways to reduce and halt the spread of fire and smoke. Commonly, passive fire protection presents itself in legally compliant seals, thermal insulation, and coatings.

Regulatory guidelines ensure when a fire occurs occupants can evacuate safely as the fire will be more contained. It will also help to support the building reducing the chance of premature collapse.

Our approach to fire compliance is to deliver a complete fire safety solution saving you time and money, protecting your peace of mind.

At Macaw Security Solutions, we are associated with a FIRAS approved company who assist with delivering Fire Compartment Survey Reports and Firestopping works. Through this partnership and using the latest technology, we can offer the best quality of passive fire protection. Our team of experts can carefully advise on compartmentation, fire barriers, intumescent coatings, and other passive fire protection systems.

We can provide a range of effective solutions such as the innovative Flexi Fire Batt which does not affect the fire seal but allows the building move. At Macaw Security Solutions, we believe quality standards proceed quality products. Hence, we only use the top suppliers in the industry such as FIRETHERM, COROFIL, ROCKWOOL, PROMAT, HILTI.

To strengthen the range of services we provide, we work alongside other fire compliance specialists. This reinforces and expands our industry knowledge. Passive fire protection and our firestopping solutions provide an essential means of fortifying buildings for the future.