Emergency Lighting

At Macaw Security Solutions, we offer a wide range of emergency lighting solutions.

Lighting your way in an emergency.

When fires occur, they can affect electrical equipment including conventional lighting. Hence as part of a successful strategy against fire, emergency lighting plays a key role in guiding people to safety. Our qualified team can assist with routine maintenance, assessments or installing new systems.

We are committed to keeping your business compliant. The Regulator Reform (Fire Safety) 2005 stipulates emergency lighting, routes and exits are mandatory and are routinely maintained. Should a fire occur, we are able to minimise risk by implementing emergency lighting.

Our dynamic range includes solutions to all your emergency lighting:

Our approach to fire compliance is to deliver a complete fire safety solution saving you time and money, protecting your peace of mind.

Emergency Lighting Design and Installation

We install all emergency lighting in accordance with BS 5266. Our experts can recommend the most appropriate fittings to meet your buildings and financial requirements.

Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Abiding by regulations, maintenance is vital in safeguarding your building and fire safety standards. We offer a professional 24/7 maintenance service securing your peace of mind.

LED Emergency Lighting

At Macaw Security Solutions, we embrace the latest technology to help provide you with the best service possible. Cost effective, energy efficient and robust, LED lights have become a progressively popular choice regarding emergency lighting. They fit in perfectly with environmental policies and budget conscious clients.

Fire Escape Signage

We can provide guidance on signage requirements. This includes supply and installation. Our complete range of standard and photoluminescent signs are always to hand.

Site Surveys

Our fire safety professionals will provide a complete emergency lighting survey which concludes with expert advice on fittings and documentation. Our approach to fire compliance is to deliver a complete fire safety solution.