Case Studies


This David Wilson Homes site is a lucrative place for thieves. Security and supervision of this construction site is a demanding challenge and due to high contractor turnover on and off of the site, it made it difficult to keep good security records.

Macaw’s responsibility was to implement and demonstrate a strong stance over security by making company recommendations clear to everyone. It was important that all site staff understood the implications of poor security and the commercial impact.

The area of the new build being inner city Birmingham made the site a lot more accessible to criminal activity and mindless vandalism, rather than a more rural location.


  • Installation of monitored RSI cameras and wireless intruder alarm system totally integrated, this will protect the buildings/site cabins and perimeter.
  • Display warning notices stating security precautions are in force, providing specific details that monitored CCTV is being used on site.
  • Provide a dedicated 24-hour security management system that is ISO accredited – Establishes a single point of contact for security incidents and reporting.

Solution Features

  • The Outdoor RSI camera is a battery-powered wireless camera and PIR detector
  • Infrared illuminators for true night vision
  • Instant installation in remote outdoor environments – no wires and no power
  • Battery powered (including panel). The entire system operates for up to 18 months on batteries
  • Cell communication of alarm and video for immediate review with EMCS ARC and Police requested dispatch
  • Up to 20 MotionViewers on a single-cell communicator/panel
  • Many arming options: scheduled, remote control and proximity card
  • 500-foot effective range between battery-powered MotionViewer and communicator/panel

The Threat

Criminal activity due to unauthorised persons on the David Wilson Homes construction site presents different threats and consequences to the client and its brand:

  • Health & Safety – trespassers causing damage which has the potential to injure, maim or kill, such as ripping out fixtures and leaving wiring unsafe, as well as deliberate actions such as arson which threaten life as well as property.
  • Financially – ongoing works and build program schedules could face disruption at a cost of hundreds of thousands each year.
  • The new build homes and David Wilson assets – including storage areas and site cabins, boilers, homes under construction, as well as construction materials within the new homes, contractor tools, contractor equipment, contractor plant and fuel.

To expand on the theft of fuel from the site – it is the high cost of fuel from UK suppliers and the fact it can to taken off-site with ease means that fuel theft is popular.

Fuel can easily be reused and disappear without trace, whilst the single action of stealing fuel from a construction site can have wider implications to the build program and soil contamination also.

  • Operational cost – few plant vehicles or generators can function without fuel. The delays caused by both the lack and the need to refuel affects schedules, which can affect overall progress towards deadlines.
  • Property cost – expensive plant may be damaged in the process of the theft.
  • Life–fuel spilled during theft is common and presents a fire hazard which could be both life-changing and life-ending.

Implementation of Security Measures

RSI cameras were installed as there is a cell signal–no need for power cords, phone lines or internet services that new home build construction sites often lack, especially in the early stages of the build program.

Since new home build construction sites are usually very open areas and therefore video verification is especially important to eliminate costly false alarms and deliver priority Police response when there is an actual crime.

RSI camera portability means it can be moved around as the build program evolved – even when that meant being installed months later at new locations in and around the site.