Case Studies


Eurovia teams are responsible for improving over 50,000 kms of the UK’s highways network. They deliver specialist highway services across the largest, dedicated, highways portfolio within the UK. They approached Macaw to provide security services to prevent and reduce intrusion into their site compound.


  • Locations: Lincoln, Ashbourne and Holdingham.
  • Installation of monitored RSI cameras and wireless intruder alarm system totally integrated, this will protect the buildings / site cabins and perimeter.
  • Installed on-site physical barrier / blocks.
  • Display warning notices stating security precautions are in force, providing specific details that monitored CCTV is being used on site.
  • Provide dedicated 24-hour security mobile repsonse.

The Threat

Intrusion into the site compound and damage to property resulting in loss of earnings and impact to their reputation.

What They Had To Say

“Macaw installed a multiple self-activation camera system and reporting as well as very good and helpful customer service.”