by Macaw

Fuel thefts are on the rise and thieves are taking more brazen actions to get their hands on it. Recently, one of our commercial sites came under attack but thankfully due to our comprehensive multi-layered approach we provided the perfect defence against unwanted threats. Read on to see how we thwarted this potential theft.

The client, Fitzpatrick Construction came under threat earlier this month from criminals attempting to steal diesel from a residing bowser. We understood the importance of employing a range of security measures, especially as the site covered a large area.

The trespassers were immediately identified by the K9 unit and the guard, with the guard acting in accordance with the protocol and contacting the police to notify them of the crime in progress and initiate a response. All whilst approaching the thieves who retreated once they noticed the guard and his K9.

Unfortunately, due to many circumstances, criminals are becoming bolder in their unlawful attempts. With the undeniable rise in the price of fuel, raw materials, and the cost of living, employing effective security measures at such sites has never been more imperative. Macaw is proud to protect our client’s assets and ensure they are not affected financially by criminals taking advantage.

We’d like to highlight this type of theft could have been thwarted with more immediacy if a combination of CCTV cameras and stationing an active guard with a K9 companion was used. K9 Units are effective against this type of threat however only active patrolling would stop theft like this from occurring on a large site.

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